Wedding Photography Exposed!

A few years ago I switched from being an Engineer to being a photographer. I had an A Level in Photography learned in the darkroom 20 years prior and a need to do something different. Did I want to be a wedding photographer when I first started out? To be honest the thought terrified me. No, I was going to take landscape pictures and sell them to tourist information centres! Well that didn’t last long, I had one success and then nothing.

Back to the drawing board. I had the location, next to the River Trent, a couple of bridges and a nice park…I would take family portraits. That was more like it! I photographed some lovely families over that first year. We fed the ducks, blew bubbles and the kids climbed trees. Until one day someone asked me “Do you do wedding photography?”

I heard myself saying yes and scurried home to draw up a pricing structure. I didn’t get that first wedding and probably just as well. What followed were weddings where I offered my services for free to couples who were happy for me to learn my craft on the job…thank you to you all! The results weren’t half bad, the first full day wedding I did is still shown to couples in one of my sample albums!

Then there’s the realisation of all the gear you need, not only do you need a mortgage to buy the budget busting camera, you need a second camera incase the first one breaks. You need two flash systems for the same reason and then the lenses. Ouch! You won’t see much change out of £1000 for that f2.8 70-200mm lens, then there’s the 24-70mm f2.8…it will never stop I promise you!

Then there’s the marketing. No one is going to choose an unknown photographer, but you have to wait a couple of years for word of mouth to work and couples to tell their friends how good you are…well that’s the plan! My success has been Facebook marketing. You can target adverts to engaged couples in your area and ask them to message you for more details. I would say I have had 50% of my bookings this way. We always meet and have a chat, but that initial advert has been really successful.

My photography style is natural and relaxed photography – reportage but with group and couple photographs included – but nothing overly stylised. To me the wedding day has to be all about the couple and them chatting with their guests and having a laugh! I won’t get in the way of that. I photograph as the day happens, I don’t orchestrate the day. The group and couple photographs are directed but not overly posed…if someone cracks up laughing all the better…it’s their day and that’s what happened!

So that’s how it all started. Next time I will write about the wedding day itself but as a heads up…its long, very long, your on your feet for 12 hours and you will be cross eyed from looking through a view finder by the end of it, but it is also one of the most rewarding jobs you can do and very addictive….

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Elisa Jones Photography – Nottingham Portrait Photography

I am a lifestyle portrait photographer from West Bridgford, Nottingham who specializes in lifestyle (outdoor) photo shoots. Locations can be your back garden to a favourite park like Wollaton Park in Nottingham or the Embankment by the River Trent.

Portrait shoots are supposed to be fun right! Well mine are, I will bring bubbles for little ones, bread if there are any ducks knocking about and a relaxed friendly attitude to the shoot which helps you to relax and enjoy it.

Portrait shoots usually last an hour and you receive all your images on a USB stick to return to whenever you want and to print out your favourites. Oh and the cost is £100.

That’s it, you get to go a walk with your family and have someone photograph you larking around in the park!

Please have a look at my website Elisa Jones Photography for more details and to contact me x

Rushcliffe Registrar Office, Welbeck Hall, West Bridgford, Wedding Photography

Elisa Jones Photography – Resident wedding photographer at Welbeck Hall, West Bridgford – home of Rushcliffe Registrar Office

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement and setting the date for your wedding at the Welbeck Hall, West Bridgford. The Welbeck Hall has been the home of Rushcliffe Registrar Office since 2014, and with the stunning backdrop of the River Trent behind the building it is a gorgeous place to get married. The staff are warm and welcoming and the ceremony room is beautiful. You really are in good hands at the Welbeck Hall.

So you have your venue, now for the photographer! My name is Elisa Jones, of Elisa Jones Photography and I live immediately adjacent to the Welbeck Hall. I have built up a strong relationship with Welbeck Hall and I am their resident wedding photographer. In conjunction with the hall, I can offer a 2 hour wedding photography package which covers 45 minutes of your guests and the wedding party arriving, the ceremony and 45 minutes of photography on the banks of the River Trent behind the Hall or in the War Memorial Gardens over the suspension bridge after your ceremony. The cost of the two hours is just £200 and you will receive a heart shaped USB stick of your images edited and ready to print.

I also offer half and full day wedding photography packages if you would like your reception photographing too. There is mush more information and a gallery of Welbeck Hall weddings on my website Elisa Jones Photography or you can call me on 07913 108535.

Watch out for my next blog…what to expect from your wedding photography at the Welbeck Hall, West Bridgford.